Lego Art Remix

Easily remix Lego Art sets into custom pictures using computer vision
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Supported image formats are dependent on your browser's compatibility

Due to the nature of the Lego Art sets, images with transparency aren't supported

Made with ♥ by DebSource Code
What is it?

In 2020, The Lego Group released the Lego Art theme, which allows people to create a predetermined image using lego studs.
Lego Art Remix lets you upload your own image, and then uses computer vision to use the studs from a Lego Art set that you already have to recreate the image.

This project is not affiliated with The Lego Group

Performance and Security

The computer vision techniques used are pretty inexpensive, and the resolutions being dealt with are naturally quite low, so as of the time of writing, the algorithm runs quite quickly. This allows for it to be run on the client, and on the machines that I tested, it ran in near real time.

The most computationally expensive part of the process is generating the instructions, since even pdf generation is done client side.

Since it runs almost entirely within the browser (see the source code), no image data is sent to a server and so it's very secure. The only server code consists of simple increments to count how many images were generated, for the purposes for tracking performance in case the static deployment needs to be scaled up.

Bugs, Feature Requests, and Algorithm Improvements
Direct any concerns or ideas for improvements here

As of the time of writing, I don't have all of the sets, and I haven't had much time to test. As a result, there's probably a few bugs, so let me know if you find any.

Algorithm improvement ideas are always welcome. Improvements that maintain the efficiency to within a reasonable degree would allow the algorithm to keep running on the client, which I really like. That being said, putting in the work to add a server side computation option would allow for more complex approaches (such as constrained VAEs, etc.).